October 27, 2015

Adorable Gus and his Sad Story will Melt Your Heart

Hello!  My name is Gus.  I am three years old and currently searching for a new forever home.  My daddy had to move to the west coast and as much as he wanted to, he just couldn't take me with him.

I am very affectionate with people, in fact, I'm told I'm quite the ham.  Other animals tend to make me feel overwhelmed and nervous, but if I'm the only cat around, I get that much more attention!  You'll learn that I love to cuddle when I climb onto your lap and offer my head to be scratched.  

I have lovely, fluffy hair, but this also means I sometimes get hairballs, so an anti-hairball diet would be good. If you ever need to find me, just shake a bag of cat treats and I will come running!
I’m also neutered and vaccinated and ready to pack my bags and make my way to your lap!

If you or someone you know is interested in giving Gus the new forever home he deserves, please contact us at: (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com.

October 22, 2015

Cagney & Lacey & the Hunt for a New Forever Home

Cagney & Lacey's story breaks our heart...they were recently abandoned by their family when they up and left the Bordentown house they were renting.  Thankfully, the property managers reached out to us and we were able to take them in.  They have now been fully vetted and are resting comfortably in their new foster home.

Cagney is an approximately 6 month old, sweet-as-can-be female.  She's even been known to climb up on your shoulders and start purring when you least expect it.

Cagney purring up a storm

Lacey is an approximately one year old female who is also a complete love and will purr your ear off to let you know she's happy.

Lacey showing her love
Both are spayed and vaccinated and ready to go to a good home.  If you or someone you know is interested in adopting either please contact us at (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com.

October 21, 2015

2016 Photo Contest Calendars on Sale!!

If you haven't had a chance to purchase one of our 2nd annual photo contest calendars for 2016 you can still do so by mail. Please send a check for $14 ($12 + $2 postage) made payable to "Bordentown City Cats" to: P.O. Box 421, Bordentown, NJ, 08505. Please allow a week or two for processing.

Calendars can also be purchased in person at the following downtown Bordentown events:
  • Halloween Parade, Oct. 25, 2 - 4 pm, in front of the Friends Meeting House, 302 Farnsworth Ave (next to The Vault)
  • Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, Nov. 28, 4 - 6 pm, in front of the Friends Meeting House, 302 Farnsworth Ave (next to The Vault)
  • Chocolate Walk, Dec. 4, 6 - 8 pm, in front of Randy Now's Man Cave, 134 Farnsworth Ave
  • Holiday House Tour & Carriage Rides, Dec. 12, 4 - 6 pm, inside Friends Meeting House, 302 Farnsworth Ave

October 14, 2015

Mickey & Minnie are Searching for a New Home!

We need your help!  The only family we’ve known for the first year of our life had to move and could not take us with them because of their circumstances so Bordentown City Cats agreed to step in and take care of us for now.
We were born at the end of July 2014 and have a long life ahead of us. We are both friendly, playful, extremely affectionate and have a general love of being petted all the time!

We get along just fine with kids, although we’re not particularly crazy about other cats, not that we’re aggressive about it.  We’ve never really seen a dog before so they’re pretty frightening to us and we’d do best in a home without any.
Mickey (the male) has a film over his eyes caused by herpes, which is common in cats, but it doesn’t affect his vision...or his lovability!  Both cats are fixed and   vaccinated and ready for a new lease on life either together or separately.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Mickey or Minnie, please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-324-3896.

October 13, 2015

WANTED: Loving Home for Adorable Little Gals

Chelsea and Cassie are two adorable little girls, who deserve a loving, forever home.  They are approximately 5 months old now and were found in the same yard so they may very well be siblings although we're not completely sure.

Chelsea (all black) is quite friendly and loves to be petted. 


Cassie (black & white) is still a little shy, but coming around and sweet as can be. Check out her gorgeous markings...


Both are spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go to a good home.  If you or someone you know is interested in adopting them, please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-324-3896.

ADOPTED!! Another BCC Success Story!

UPDATE:  Chloe found a new forever home at PetSmart's super adoption weekend last week.  After many months, this cutie finally got the happy ending she deserves!

If you were this little cutie pie, what would you want more than anything in the world?  If you guessed a loving home to call your own, you would be correct!  So will you be the one to give it to her?

This is Chloe,  a sweet, little female kitten who is approximately three months old.  She has adjusted well in her foster home and is spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready to go to a loving FOREVER home.

If you or someone you know would like to adopt Chloe, please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-324-3896.

ADOPTED!! Another BCC Success Story!

UPDATE:  Hooray for Zoe & Zeus who found their new forever home together!!

What seemed like a happy ending for Zoe & Zeus when they were adopted from us several months ago has come to an abrupt halt after a member of their family discovered they were highly allergic to cats.  They have been returned to us and are being fostered right now but their quest for a forever home continues!

Zoey is a beautiful medium haired female. She is super friendly, calm and well behaved...

Her brother Zeus has shorter hair but he is equally adorable and a sweetheart too...

They are both around 5 months old, fixed, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped and their previous family has also given us all kinds of cat stuff to go with them including a beautiful, tall cat tree.

They have formed a close bond, having been with each other since birth, so ideally we would like for them to be adopted together. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting the, please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-324-3896.