August 21, 2014

Debut of “Riot on the Dance Floor” Nets $600 for Bordentown City Cats

Tara Howley accepts a check on behalf of BCC from Randy Now of the Man Cave

DJ Randy Now Turns Documentary on Legendary Trenton Concert Promoting Days into Fundraiser for Local Animal Rescue Group
BORDENTOWN, NJ – Long-time Bordentown fixture Randy “Now” Ellis has parlayed the story of his legendary Trenton-area concert-promoting days into a fundraiser to benefit Bordentown City Cats (BCC) animal rescue group.
In doing so, Ellis raised $600 in the past several weeks by requesting a $10 per person donation from everyone who turned out for the screening of the new feature-length documentary “Riot on the Dance Floor:  The Story of Randy Now and City Gardens,” which chronicles Ellis’s 30-year history DJ’ing and booking many seminal punk and rock acts at the Trenton club.
“As a resident and store owner, I know what a great job BCC does in Bordentown and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to contribute in some way coinciding with the film documentary about my career,” said Ellis, who presented a check to BCC at his store The Man Cave in Bordentown this week.  I hope the Man Cave can help the BCC cause again in the future, perhaps with an afternoon adoption day at the store.
            Ellis’s sizeable donation will go a long way towards furthering BCC’s mission, which can often be costly.  Now in its eleventh year, BCC is dedicated to rescuing, fostering, spaying/neutering, finding loving homes and caring for Bordentown City’s stray and feral cat population.
“We’d like to give a special thanks to Randy Ellis and The Man Cave for donating $600 to Bordentown City Cats’ rescue efforts,” said Tara Howley, a volunteer member of BCC who is also a guitarist for the all-girl, punk band The Droogettes. “Randy was generous enough to donate the proceeds from the door during screenings of Riot On the Dance Floor, a documentary on the legendary City Gardens that, under Randy's management and direction, hosted pretty much every punk band ever.”
To find out more about “Riot on the Dance Floor,” visit: Randy Now’s Man Cave is located at 134 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ or you can discover more online at: 
For more information on Bordentown City Cats’ rescue efforts and the cats available for adoption, please visit:

August 17, 2014

Kittens Found in Freehold area!

We like to help in anyway we can so please spread the word about these kittens that were recently rescued near the Freehold area.  Three approx 5 week old kittens were found in the shrubs by a woman's patio. She is now caring for them and is willing to pay to get them spayed & neutered. They are very playful & listen & look at you when you talk to them and let you sit near them when they eat. They are sweet and deserve to have a good home!  If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting them, please get in touch with Linda Ward at 609-259-3436.  

August 08, 2014

Little Ricky's Saga

Some of you might remember Little Ricky as Jellybean, the emaciated little boy we rescued off Walnut Street a few months ago.  He was warming up nicely to the family of one of our volunteers, showing a hearty appetite and putting on weight.  Alas, we thought he had found the happy ending he deserved. 

Sadly, it turns out he is not comfortable around other cats.  The friction was impacting his health and we had to relocate him to the home of another volunteer where there are no other animals and things are much calmer...and guess what?  He's doing fantastic!  He is even more loving and desiring of affection than before.

What this means is we are looking for a quiet, permanent home for him with no other animals, perhaps a senior or a single person.  So, if you or someone you know fits this bill and is interested in adopting Little Ricky, please contact us at:  (E) or (P) 609-324-3896.

Let's give him the happy ending he deserves!

July 09, 2014

The Young Man and the Sea: Hemingway Needs a Home!

Adorable Hemingway was found lonely and crying for attention down at Bordentown Beach roughly two months ago. It was clear from the onset that he was not a feral cat as he quickly started crying for affection when our volunteers stopped by to handle daily feedings.

Sadly, our gut tells us he was abandoned down there.

We were able to easily scoop him up and get him to the vet and he has been neutered and given a clean bill of health. The vet believes he is between 1 1/2 - 2 years old so he still has a long life ahead of him.

He is already fitting in nicely and getting along great with the other cats at his foster home. All this cute boy wants is to be loved! And the reason we named him Hemingway? He's a very special boy. Check out his namesake:

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Hemingway, please contact us at: (E) or (P) 609-324-3896.

June 17, 2014

DESPERATELY WANTED: Loving, Forever Home for Fred & Ginger

DESPERATELY WANTED:  A loving, forever home for these two very adorable, indoor, brother and sister cats.  They were originally adopted as eight week old kittens from Bordentown City Cats, but sadly, the living arrangements in their home changed, making it impossible for their family to keep them and they were recently surrendered back to BCC.

Freddie & Ginger when they were frightened upon arrival at their foster home

Fred & Ginger now - adapted, loving and social
They are approximately two-years old now but still very much act like kittens. The male cat – Freddie - has black and white markings and the female cat – Ginger - has calico type markings.  Freddie is protective of Ginger and is always interested in what she is doing. They love to play together and wash each other after eating.


It breaks our heart to separate them now so we are seeking a loving, forever home for both of them together. 

Their favorite activity is chasing balls around the house.  They also got along very well with the family dog in their previous home and would engage in lively games of tag. 

Both have good appetites and love tuna canned cat food with dry food as a snack.  They both have been spayed/neutered and are up-to-date on shots.  

If you or someone you know is interested in giving Freddie and Ginger the loving home they deserve, please contact us at: (E) or (P) 609-324-3896.  

February 19, 2014

11th Annual Flea Market April 5th - SAVE THE DATE!

Mark your calendar...our annual indoor flea market fundraiser is coming soon! 

This highly anticipated event will take place, rain or shine, on Saturday, April 5, 2014, from 8 am to 2 pm at Carslake Community Center, 207 Crosswicks St, Bordentown City. All proceeds from the event will go to benefit our continued efforts to rescue, foster, find good homes for and provide medical treatment to Bordentown’s stray and feral cat population.

With more than 40 tables of great new and used finds, artisan jewelry and baked goods, this event is always a huge hit.  Please come out and support us!

Residents and business owners can get involved with the event several ways:
  1. By renting a space to sell your own new or used goods. The cost to rent each space is $20. Spaces must be reserved and paid for in advance. Please include your name, phone number, and the number of spaces you'd like to reserve, along with a check made payable to "Bordentown City Cats" and mail to: P.O. Box 421, Bordentown, NJ 08505. Carslake Community Center will be open the night before from 4 - 7 pm for advance set-up.
  2. By donating old items or baked goods that can be sold with the proceeds going to benefit the group; or
  3. Helping to set up, break down and man tables the night before and day of the event.
For more info, please contact us at (E) btowncitycats@gmail.comor (P) 609-324-3896.

February 18, 2014

Photo Contest Winners Announced at 10th Anniversary Celebration!

A great time was had by all at Bordentown City Cats' 10th anniversary celebration happy hour and awards party at Jester's Cafe on Feb. 17.  Thank you to Mike and Sandra Scotto of Jester's for being such great hosts and for generously donating a portion of all the proceeds we brought in last night to help our cause.  Thank you to CJ Mugavero of the Artful Deposit for generously donating one of the prizes.  And of course, thank you to everyone who came out last night and all those who have generously supported us over the past 10 years.  Here's to another 10 more!

And now, without further ado, the winners of our 1st (and hopefully annual) photo contest. Each one will be featured in a 2015 calendar we will be putting out later this year...

#12 (tie) Gracie from Pennington

#12 (tie) Baby Thomas

#11 Token

#10 Griffin P. Buttersnaps

#9 Ollie

#8 Mortimer

#6 (tie) Smokey

#6 (tie) Bailey & Quincy

#5 Mittens

#4 Josie Wales

#3 Griffin P. Buttersnaps

#2 Gracie (Bordentown)

#1 Billy

Calendars will be on sale this fall so don't forget to stop by our booth at the Cranberry Festival in October.  And everyone whose cat is featured in the calendar will receive a free copy.